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Choosing Large Area Rugs The Designer Way

Choosing Large Area Rugs the Designer Way

When you’re choosing designer rugs for décor accent purposes, there are certain creative conventions you should take into account if you want to get the best result. This is particularly important when it comes to large area rugs, which can tend to overwhelm the environment you place them in.

Here are some recommendations from the experts at HGTV to follow when you’re making your selection, to ensure you get the look and feel you want.

Start With the Rug

Think of rugs as “artwork” for the floor. If it doesn’t fit in well with the room’s design, you won’t end up with a well-balanced space. So designers agree you should choose the rug first, and working up from there you can select wall colors, paintings and throw pillows. That way, the only color palette you have to take into account when you’re choosing the rug is the actual furniture, and you’ll be able to add real artistic value to the room.

Size Does Matter

If your rug is the artwork, then the floor is the frame. Unless you really want to hide every inch of flooring—which you wouldn’t if you had installed good quality hardwood or laminate flooring—the rug should be between six inches and two feet away from the walls of the room. For doorways and “transitional” spaces, like archways to other rooms or a stairway, the width should either align with the space or be slightly shorter, leaving a gap at each end for balance.

Creating Zones

One of the best uses of large area rugs is to create functional zones in a room, such as an office in a corner of your living room, or a reading nook in a bedroom area. To do this effectively, choose a rug that fits the size of the zone you want to set up. Select a complementary rug and furniture design for the zone, which doesn’t necessarily have to conform to the rest of the room. In fact, the more different it is the more it will stand out that the area has a specific and different purpose.

A Sense of Balance

This is an important aspect for any room, and your choice of large area rugs is vital to achieving it. If you decide on a round rug for a big open space, for example, keep it centered under a light fixture or another “landmark.” Try to match up the lines in the room, such as round-edged furniture with round rugs, or long rectangular sofas with rectangular rugs. A designer rug used in a dining room works well if it’s a similar shape to the table and positioned so the table and chairs fit it comfortably.

Patterned Pieces

Choosing designer rugs with bold and colorful patterns can be fun, even if it isn’t always practical. Large patterns on a small rug can give a sense of spaciousness to a room, but it’s important to be able to see the design in its entirety. Covering it up with furniture becomes strategically challenging, in cases like this. Rugs with lots of small patterns or markers should preferably be in one or two colors, or make use of pastel shades. Lots of bright colors in small patterns can seem very busy, and can even be detrimental to anyone who suffers from migraines or other cognitive disorders.

Large area rugs can turn a boring room into a cozy den, a smart office space or an antique corner – all at the same time. The secret is in planning ahead, knowing what you want to achieve and making the right choices. At Brentwood Flooring America, we can help you with that! 

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